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Sikku Kolam

Line Kolam

margazhi kolam, big kolam, dot kolam, flower kolam

17 dots Big Lotus Kolam || Chukkala Kamalaṁ Muggulu || Margazhi...

An unique lotus flower kolam with 17-9 dots placed with interlaced dot pattern. This kolam can be drawn during Margazhi season with bright colours...


Flower Kolam

Malar kolam Idhayam
A two layered petaled flower design kolam surrounded with heart shapes. I like the sikku strand connecting the four flowers, it looks nice to see the placement of sikku inside the shape based kolam. A fusion of line and sikku kolam 🙂 Dot count:...

Freehand Kolam

margazhi kolam, big kolam,round kolam, chukkaleni muggulu, rangoli

Freehand Kolam || Chukkaleni Muggulu || Rangoli in White

A freehand kolam to try during the upcoming Margazhi Season. The video YOUTUBE LINK FOR THE VIDEO 1. Draw a circle around it draw...
circular kolam, round kolam, aparment kolam, flat kolam

Small Round Kolam || Chukkaleni Muggulu || Rangoli

The video of this kolam can be seen in the below link. Click here A small rangoli which can be drawn on any days, indoor...
new year kolam, colour kola, dotless

Tamil New Year Kolam

தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள். இந்த விளம்பி ஆண்டு விவசாயிகளின்  ஆண்டாக மலரட்டும், நமது நெற்களஞ்சியங்கள் மீண்டும் நிரம்பட்டும்...  

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