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Tamil new year kolam, Ugadhi mugullu

15-8 dots Flower Kolam || Poo Kolam || Muggulu

My New Year wishes to you all. May this day be a start for a placid life and the souls be inundated with positive vibes...
pongal kolam, muggulu, new design

25 Dots Pongal Pot Kolam

MAKARASANKRANTHI😊 The festival enkindles my childhood memories which bring in both jocundness and wistfulness.My early life allies with a...
muggulu, margazhi kolam, big kolam, sikku kolam, chikku kolam, neli kolam, design kolam

17 Dots Lotus Kolam Margazhi Kolam Dhanurmasa Muggulu

  A 17 dots kolam with lotus flowers. Dot count : The dot count starts from the centre column 17-17x3-1-15-13-11-9-7 Place the dots as shown 2. To start...
muggulu, periya kolam, new kolam, 26 dots

26 Dots Pongal Pot Kolam

THAI PONGAL 😊 I usually prepare Sakkarai and Venpongal for two consecutive days of Pongal. The first day of...
big kolam, muggulu

31 Dots Big Margazhi Kolam

ECLIPSE KOLAM 😊 I had shared an anecdote about this kolam in my previous post, the kolam which made...
butterfly, muggulu, rangoli, new design

Margazhi Kolam

MARGAZHI MEMOIRS OF AMMA - DIY KOLAPODI 🙂 Today being Bhogi, I am reminded of my Amma's "DIY #kolapodi" which...
Big flower kolam, colour kolam

21 Dots Flower Kolam

NEW HORIZON 😊 That's the theme for this week's task kolam. Everyone had got an assignment as a start...
margazhi kolam, big kolam, new kolam

33 Dots Lotus Kolam for Margazhi

DARLING OF MARGAZHI 😊 This kolam is a sine qua of 1980's  without which Margazhii didn't get accomplished. . . We relocated to Tamilnadu in mid 80's...

15 dots Flower Kolam || 15 புள்ளி பூக்கோலம் || Flower Rangoli for Beginners

The video of this kolam is in this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPmt2TPR9-U