Thirukarthigai Vilakku Kolam || Kilai Vilakku || 23 dots Sikku Vilakku Kolam for Mahakarthigai

Karthigai kolam, agal vilakku, vilakku kolam, diya rangoli, margazhi kolam,13 dots, sikku kolam,

கிளை விளக்கு
Kilai vilakku translates to a branched Lamp which may have two or more oil holders for lighting the lamp.

Two years ago when our @kolamenthusiasts community did #kolamenthusiaststaskkolam on Lamp theme for karthigai month, this kolam was conceptualised in my notebook and couldn’t squeeze in my last year’s collection and finally this year the lamp has been lit with gusto.

Though, while drawing, a line got drifted away from the main pattern in the globe with a turn and diverged to loop differently, well kolam has been done and why anatomize it !!! 🙈
23 dots sikku vilakku kolam for #kolamenthusiastskarthigaikondattam