Seeveli Vilakku || Padikolam || Karthigai Kolam || Kerala Traditional Lamp

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Seeveli Vilakku

Seeveli is the procession of elephants in temple festivals of Kerala and the main deity is carried by one of the tuskers.
A small brass vilakku leads the parade and gets the name of Seevali. The oil holder of the lamp is headed with a horse and chained to a carrier.

Swipe left to view the vilakku shared by @sowmyart for more understanding of the ritual as it’s a whole new information to me.Thanks Sowmy..🙏🙏
Due to pandemic only one Gaja took the lead in her home town.

A padikolam @kolamenthusiasts for #karthigaicelebration with the seeveli vilakku at centre and embosomed with squary border. One more day to wind up the season😶