Karthigai Deepa Kolam -1 || Kuthu Vilakku || Chukkaleni Muggulu

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Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Odu51E7XV4&t=51s

Here starts the Karthigai Month, rejoicing the vibes of the lamps, irradiating the souls and calls to mind to be humble and surrender to Truth inculcating not to boast for foolish pride.

We, Tamilians place lamps on the kolam for only month in a year and it is Karthigai Month. And some families do have the tradition of placing certain number of lamps according to the day.

Akin to last year, started the month with an extempore kolam in connection to Cardinal Number 6 symbolising Lord Murugan.
Started with six petal flower and embosomed with a hexagonal.. Then with triangles to bring in Vishaka constellation, on a whole, eventuated to a 6 pointed star, then with small sikku kolams and deepams around.