17 Dots Margazhi Kolam || Sikku Kolam || Dhanurmasa Muggulu

margazhi, big kolams, sikku kolam, neli kolam, big kolams

A 17 dots sikku kolam for the day.

Today we live in a world where the knowledge is shared on internet and load of sources are scattered even for a small detail.

Years ago scenario, I hint at the period to before 90’s which was quite different where the word sharing wasn’t enunciated to the fullest.

Especially the kolam notebook was held as a book of secrets !!!

The kolam notebook was one’s treasure trove which always accrued with new designs into it. Majority of Kolam Enthusiasts were benevolent and shared their assemblage with others while few self-centric grasped to themselves..

I had met many Kolam Enthusiasts (among the good souls was my neigbour akka) and ofcourse the FEW too 😊

Your experiences? Do you have such in your younger days?