Vegetable Kolam -2

vegetables, rangoli, natural, rangavalli, muggulu
Veggies served on plate ;-)

An offbeat from the regular rangolis 🙂
One of my favourite creations to say, a surprise pop-up from my imagination. I never ever dreamt that I would make my plate palatable.
I have used vegetables to create a freehand kolam in my style. I neither did any homework nor any planning was done, an unscripted version . I just took a glance in my refrigerator and freezer box. With the ingredients out on the table, I looked on to the crockery shelf for the base and started my cruise 😀
Ingredients : Carrots, Corns, Peas, Pumpkin seeds, Onions, Cilantro.
A Colourful Delight, Indeed!!!

This was done somewhere in the mid of 2010, when my princess was a toddler then. It was hard for me to draw kolams as she always liked to share my work. Once I kept the wet rice paste on the table and was away for a while, hope it is an easy guess for anyone….. She had tried the face art 😀 She applied the wet rice paste all over her face and hair, guess she thought it was a facial powder. It was a memorable moment to relish on always. I took some pictures of her and still fresh in memory. Once it was powder, another time kaajal makeup… the list is big to list on.

As I couldn’t draw kolams, I thought of another way to draw kolams, with vegetables. I didn’t have many options to start. Peas and corns from freezer box and carrots and coriander leaves from cooler shelf. With limited choice, I thought of doing a freehand kolam. In the centre, I took a carrot and had to resize the diameter, as I needed to make sure that the corn kernels were in even numbers to take care of the symmetry. Arranged peas on the next layer and on to its top, its the peeled pumpkin seeds, as the pumpkin was on the next day’s menu. Tried to cut carrots into julienne slices but, took a diversion to form a long triangular shapes. For a border I took onions and diced and arranged on the top with coriander leaves creating a finished look.

vegetables, rangoli, natural, rangavalli, muggulu
Veggies served on plate 😉