Vegetable Rangoli

Kolam rangoli done with vegetables
Star Kolam

A display of vegetables arranged to form a design and named as Veggetable Rangoli 🙂

I have used okra, onions, green peas, carrots and also from my anjaraipetti pepper and bengal gram…
This arrangement of vegetables was done on the same of veggie kolam
It took 2 hours in together to finish off this arrangement. As I needed to check the available materials, it was bit confusing how and where to start.
Lady’s finger was ready for curry, as earlier I was amazed to view a star shape while cut in cross section. That thought sparked to form a star constellation in the centre :-)The carrots were the leftovers from the previous plate as I needed to resize to fit the centre piece. So took out the leftovers and used in this rangoli.
The challenging part was to pick the same size of onions, I know I needed to cut many to have an equal size, though it was not wasted as those into lady’s finger curry 🙂 The carrots and peas also took part in this simple parade 🙂 I liked the distinct concentric circles of onion with variations in the colour. This was taken on digital camera not in a SLR cam, I couldn’t get the same as what I saw in with my eyes 🙂 Not bad with the outcome of the digital vision, as the background adds its part to beautify the display 🙂 As I felt the onions looked aloof so added carrots and peppercorns for a contrast colour shade. Then there was some space in between the onions, so arranged bengal gram with peas to form a flower shape.. and coriander pieces for a leafy shape.

With all these spread on the dinning table, where my little princess had no access had a queer look on her face :-), but was following and try to seek my attention. Carrying her in one hand and arranging veggies with the other hand was challenging as my little one was trying to lend a helping hand..

Kolam rangoli done with vegetables
Star Kolam


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