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Freehand Kolam

Freehand Rangoli

A freehand kolam again by the same relative who drew the previous kolam.

Freehand Kolam – Rangoli

A very casually drawn rangoli done at my parents' home in 2015. Got new stock of of white kolam powder, 50kgs :-), which...
muggulu, rangavalli, rangavallika,

Padi Kolam

A small freehand kolam with a square at the centre to start with. I needed to wind up the kolam with three layers because...
Freehand design Rangoli

Freehand Flower Kolam

A freehand kolam done in chalk piece. I have drawn a sixteen petal flower in the centre and leaves on the...
Deepavalli kolam Deepangalin Thirunaal kolam

Deepavalli Kolam

A freehand kolam done in Rangoli style on a Deepavalli Day. Started with a circle and extended the design in layers with small...
muggulu, big kolam, rangavalli, rangoli, dotless kolam

Freehand Kolam-6

A 7 feet diameter freehand kolam, took some hours to finish this kolam.
Heart Rangoli

Small Rangoli

Marghazhi - Most expected month for the kolam enthusiasts :-). Last year I had been to my mom's home and enjoyed viewing the kolams...
Small Freehand Kolam

Rangoli Kolam -5

A small freehand kolam done in chalkpiece.

Layered Petal Flower

A flower kolam with extensions coloured with kaavi powder.
muggulu, freehand, mango deisgn, peacock design

Paisleys and Paisleys

A freestyle pattern stacked with Paisleys, my favourite pattern. Did some indoor kolams at my parents home, this kolam, I did on the day...