Agal Vilakku Kolam || Karthigai Kolam || Vilakku Kolam

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Agal Vilakku

I remember decades ago during Karthigai month the new #agalvilakku had priming ritual before usage. Now that ready-to-use terracotta lamps have replaced the traditional #mannagalvilakku for the new fast paced world.

When the traditional agalvillakugal were bought they get soaked in water so that the pores are filled with water and later air dried yet not completely.
The moisture retained in the pores barricade the seepage of oil out. While soaked the earthy whiff emanating smells more or like petrichor.

Today being Wednesday a day for task kolam @kolamenthusiasts and karthigai too, so created a kolam in my stride #orukallarendumangai 🙈🙈😉
Inspiration + Round = Today’s kolam 😇
The inspired pattern is the outer lotus from my salwar.. 🤩