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Chukkala Muggulu

Small Star Kolam

A small kolam with star as the base design with extensions around. I didn't have time to elaborate the design :-)
Chukkala Leni Muggulu Kolam without dots

Freehand Rangoli Kolam

A freehand kolam with a flower design in the centre and extensions around
Simple Kolam without dots

Flower Rangoli -2

A small and simple rangoli done last week. As usual started with my favourite centre flower design and added some extensions around.
Dotless muggulu rangavalli rangavallika

Flower Kolam-9

A small freehand kolam with a flower design in the centre surrounded with lotus flowers
muggulu, freehand, mango deisgn, peacock design

Paisleys and Paisleys

A freestyle pattern stacked with Paisleys, my favourite pattern. Did some indoor kolams at my parents home, this kolam, I did on the day...
chukkala leni muggulu, rangoli, white rangoli, rangavalli

Flower Kolam -18

A small and simple freehand flower kolam done in white only :-) I didn't have time to think about colouring as that part consumes lot...
chukkala leni muggulu, rangavalli, dotless kolam, small kolam

Freehand Rangoli -6

After Navarathiri season, I have started drawing kolams. It's been a while since I drew a freehand kolam with colours. Wanted to do some...
Alpona, muggulu, dotless, rangavalli

Alpona Collection

I did some small Alpona style kolams on my dining table. I tried to imitate the filling of elements as done in alpana type...

Paisley’s Kolam

This kolam again at my mom's place. With my favorite (don't know whether its my favorite but I always start with this design, don't...
Kolam without dots chukkala leni muggulu dotless kolam

Freehand Square Kolam

A small freehand kolam. Just did what came into my mind at that moment :-) Hope it looks good.