chukkala leni muggulu, rangavalli, dotless kolam, small kolam

Freehand Rangoli -6

After Navarathiri season, I have started drawing kolams. It's been a while since I drew a freehand kolam with colours. Wanted to do some...
chukkala leni muggulu, rangoli, white rangoli, rangavalli

Flower Kolam -18

A small and simple freehand flower kolam done in white only :-) I didn't have time to think about colouring as that part consumes lot...
Dotless muggulu rangavalli rangavallika

Flower Kolam-9

A small freehand kolam with a flower design in the centre surrounded with lotus flowers
Chukkala Leni Muggulu Kolam without dots

Freehand Rangoli Kolam

A freehand kolam with a flower design in the centre and extensions around

Paisley’s Kolam

This kolam again at my mom's place. With my favorite (don't know whether its my favorite but I always start with this design, don't...
muggulu, rangavalli, dotless

Alpona – 2

I have tried a freehand kolam after a break.. I thought of doing a dot kolam, but had problem in placing dots with perfect...
Alpona, muggulu, dotless, rangavalli

Alpona Collection

I did some small Alpona style kolams on my dining table. I tried to imitate the filling of elements as done in alpana type...
Muggulu, Rangoli, Rangavallika, Big kolam, dotless kolam

Christmas Rangoli

"Merry Christmas" Started my day with a freehand rangoli :-) An inspiration kolam shaped up from a free pamphlet I received for Deepavalli promotion...
Muggulu, Rangavallika, Kolangal, Big kolam

Flower Rangoli -4

A recreation of a rangoli from net :-)
Simple Kolam without dots

Flower Rangoli -2

A small and simple rangoli done last week. As usual started with my favourite centre flower design and added some extensions around.

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