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Kolam with Pulses – Anjarapetti Kolam

CARDINAL NUMBER 6 😊 A simple assemblage of pulses and spices which foot up to number 6. The six...
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Big Freehand Kolam || Paisley kolam

THE DISGUISE PATTERN 😊 Does anyone hold any memories about the centre pattern in this kolam ? If you...
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New Year Kolam – A freehand Kolam

A NEW START 😊 We started the New year day visiting the sanctum of our faiths and offered #prayers for propitious moments in the coming days of...
Round kolam,

Simple and easy freehand kolam

  The REAL KOLAM 😊 l feel, I am unleashed from all constraints when I draw kolams on real floor. During visits to my Parents...
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Simple Freehand Kolam || புள்ளியில்லாத வெள்ளை கோலம் || Muggulu

Please click this Youtube link for making of this kolam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e9BTugCPGk  After a hiatus,drew a kolam, nearly after 10 months, Indeed a long break!!! Drawing a...
computer kolam

Freehand kolam || Mandala || Round Muggulu || Computer Kolam

Last week recieved a surprise photo message from my nephew Dharan (Muralidharan). I ain't sure what made him to draw a kolam in his...
kanya kolam

Padikolam || Kanya Kolam || New Design || Navarathiri Kolam || Muggulu

ஆடின காலும் பாடின வாயும் நிற்காது. A rough translation of the above goes as "A dancer's feet and the voice of a vocalist can never be restricted"....
simple kolam, new design, daily kolam, colour kolam

Simple and New Colour kolam || Easy Kolam

youtube link A simple and easy kolam when you have time constraint as I did while drawing this kolam. I didn't have time so...
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Big Round Margazhi Kolam || Rangoli in White

A rangoli in white
big kolam, white kolam, dotless kolam

Simple Big kolam for Margazhi

A simple kolam for Margazhi