Simple and easy freehand kolam

Round kolam,


The REAL KOLAM 😊 l feel, I am unleashed from all constraints when I draw kolams on real floor. During visits to my Parents home, I eagerly look forward for the early mornings to reignite my passion of drawing kolams on #floor.😊 And this is the first kolam at my parents’ home for this season.

Drawing kolams in a traditional posture demands lot of energy and this kolam was to test the waters😊. With full pep, stepped down the entrance to draw a kolam with kolapodi.

The soothing morning breeze was indeed chill because of the moist easterly winds which nudged a goal-kick for a bigger kolam yet my vertigo pulled back my intention and had to settle down with two decked small kolam in 10 minutes.

Had to search for symmetry in this kolam and at times geometrical irregularity do have its own beauty


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