Dvaatrimshatdala Padmam || 32 Petals Lotus Flower || Friday Pooja Room Kolam || Lakshmi Pooja Muggulu

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Dvaatrimshatdala Padmam
This is a pooja room kolam and should drawn in pooja room on Fridays.

Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODuyr8Qxh_8
The above appellation is for Lotus with 32 petals. This is a sacred configuration and turns to be more auspicious as the number brackets to Lord Vishnu’s 32 Lakshanam. An apt poojai room kolam for Fridays as this kolam invokes both Vishnu and Lakshmi.

Drew this kolam as the theme being Lotus for today’s #kaarthigaimasam celebration @kolamenthusiasts .

Placed six #agavilakkugal around the kolam which embodies the Karthigai month. I was put the squeeze on using tealight candle as I personally feel it tends to be outlandish for an amaranthine and divine art. I had to place one at the centre as the old ones broke down and the nearby Indian store is yet to bring in the stock. Hopefully tomorrow…