21 Dots Flower Kolam

Big flower kolam, colour kolam


That’s the theme for this week’s task kolam. Everyone had got an assignment as a start for this year and I had to force my way for creating a new horizon.
I had drawn kolams with interlaced dot pattern quite few years ago as I was cozily domiciling in sikku cocoon and didn’t mull beyond.
To have a whack, I tried an interlaced dot kolam with colours, again colours aren’t my druthers as white enamors me. 😊

I used unexpended colours which were brought here 4 years ago. And most of the colours have toned down their form.
I think to stow new colours in my trips but something or other takes over the priority list 😊. I have to be a Pangloss and hopefully I furtively bring colours in my buggage next time so that R doesn’t espy it 😂

A 21 dots flower kolam, a must in a kolam enthusiasts’ notebook. .


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