27 Dots Sikku kolam

big kola, muggulu, rangoli


Few years ago, my daughter and I were necessitated to make a trip to India during the year end as R was on an offshore assignment, to boot it was a school vacation spell. The North-East monsoon was at its ne plus ultra and flights to Chennai were redirected to Bangalore. A day before to our journey I tumbled on a post in fb, it was about the rain forecast and I wasn’t fastidious about the source. The message was clear and precise that the weather would be gleaming bright. With fingers crossed, the aircraft landed securely in a perfect weather. Instantaneously searched the weather forecast page and hit onto the 👍 button.

It was @tamilnaduweatherman with  4 digit page likes then. That became habitual for me to #livingston in his page before our jaunt 😊

And during my stay, it is a wont to check the page regularly for updates every night to make sure that sky was clear the next day morning, so that I could draw kolams, nutty as a fruitcake, right !!!🙃 PJ, do excuse me 🙏🙏 ithuku ellam weather forecast thevai paduthu !!!
This kolam was drawn in the last week of November and the rain was romping #mangaathaa. As accustomed, read the weather forecast update and with no #redthakkalis in actions and only the showers in and out. The next day morning, the mise en scène was perfect, the sky glistened by the ride of Helios, competent chillness, the morning chirping birds on their way to work, indubitably, I was thrilled to bits!!! Drew the centre kolam, a 11 dots, my favourite pattern, still the clouds were strewed which made me to burgeon the kolam with the next layer. Later, the clouds foregathered for an outburst, lickety-split, I had to wind up the kolam.. .
The squiggled border lines led to a jagged outcome.Yet, victoriously clicked a photo before the droplets splooshed the kolams. Though ephemeral, enjoyed drawing kolam and the rain. 😊


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