10 Dots Sikku kolam || Brahma Mudi Kolam || Eternal Knot Kolam

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Brahma mudi or Brahama mudichi kolam has only one strand/line which tranverses the whole kolam from a start point and ends at the same point. Also called the eternal knot as it doesn’t have a start or end point as it loops within it.

Please click for the Video link of this kolam http://y2u.be/RdW6Ndv9Mqk

The Brahma mudi kolam can also be coined to Infinity – முடிவிலி கோலம்

  1. The Dot count   – 10 dots placed in 4 columns and reduced to 4 on either side.
  2.  The starting point.
  3.  The strand loops the dots in same pattern on all sides. 
  4. The strands are coloured for differentiating  the flow of line on 4 sides.
  5. 6. The dot pattern for the border. Four dots on all sides plus one dot at edges forming an enclosure around the kolam.  7. The flow of lines around the dots. 8. Extending the pattern around. 9. The completed kolam