Paisley Kolam -7

muggulu, mango design,rangavalli

A freehand kolam done with Paisleys.
Now a days its all done with Paisleys. Another one in my favorite list. As the design and colour combination still surprises me πŸ™‚ I wanted to utilise the recycled colour powders used in my previous kolam and wanted to proceed with a freehand.

As I was determined to clear the space where the used powder occupied most of the space in the cabinet πŸ™‚ And had lots of pinks and purple shades, as a friend of mine mocks me that I am obsessed with pink and purple πŸ™‚

Started with a circle and thought to proceed with petals, somehow got diverted went for concentric. Then drew a pinwheel design and extended further to paisley. And went on with the current as I was keen in filling the spaces.

muggulu, mango design,rangavalli

I didn’t have idea about colour combo as I said earlier wanted to use the used powders and just spread to my heart’s content πŸ˜€


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