Freehand Kolam

freehand kolam, Mandala

Freehand Kolam, Mandala, Rangoli In White

A freehand kolam done in white rangoli powder. Started with 8 petal flower at the centre and extended witb minarets on the next layer....
dotless, new kolam, recent, rangavalli, margazhi

Karthigai Deepam, Sikku Kolam – 164

A freehand kolam with lamps around enhancing the whole display for the Day 5 of Maha Karthigai Deepam Count down. I have used yellow...
`mango design, peacock, muggulu,

Paisley Rangoli, Kolam, Muggulu

A freehand Paisley kolam done in Sanskar Bharti Style. I just spread colours and started to draw paisleys. The paisleys are drawn in ...
muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli

Rangoli in White -8

A freehand kolamn done on spur of the moment. Started with a simple pinwheel design and extended the design in my way. Though I...

Diwali, Deepavalli- Sanskar Bharati Rangoli

A colour kolam for this Deepavalli. Did this in Sanskar Bharati style, but drew with ordinary strokes.

Rangoli in White, Freehand Kolam

A small kolam without much detailing work. The centre triangles take into a star pattern.
chandelier pattern, rangoli

Diwali Rangoli, Kolam, Muggulu

A freehand kolam done for last Deepavalli season. I wanted to draw a freehand kolam with colours. I didn't have the patience of colouring...
mguulu, glass painting

Paisley Rangoli In Blue

A small rangoli with blue as the theme colour. I had started with a pinwheel design at the centre then extended with paisleys. To...

Collection of Small Star Freehand Kolams, Muggulus, Rangolis

A collection of star kolams done on different days. The kolams have star and done in white rangoli powder and that make them to...
muggulu, dotless kolam, pulli kolam

Freehand Kolam with Kavi

A freehand kolam with new stock of kavi which I had ordered online. This deep shade of kavi looked like maroon colour powder but...