25 Dots Sikku Kolam, Tippudu Muggulu, Big Kolam

neli kolam, kambi kolam, pulli kolangal

Sometimes, Planning gets on a full swing while the execution hits the bottom rock on the list
So it happened to my Margazhi planning as I had created 20 sikku kolams beforehand and execution was nowhere on my priority list.
Time to restructure the list.
The gist of this kolam 🙂

The Dot Pattern

The dot count for this kolam is 25 dots in the centre column decreased to 1 on either side. I have uploaded a dot pattern image below, you may download and practice the kolam. But it would be wise to place the dot by yourself as that would be a practice to place the dots in symmetry. 

Step 1

The first strand runs throughout the edges of the kolam. Its very simple to draw. Just start from one corner of the kolam, ie from the bottom and keep drawing till it reaches to two loops, now move on to the other side and just draw the same lines looping around the dots. And vise versa on other sides too.

Step 2
The red line is the second strand of this kolam which runs in a line without forming much loops inside the kolam. There are four individual strands which more or less form a rectangular shape.
Step 3

Now the inner strand which is highlighter in green colour fills the inner portion of the kolam. Again there are four individual green strands. For uniformity, I have given same colour. If you trace the single strand then its the replicate of the strand on other sides.

Step 4

Now the outer remaining dots are fitted with squares while the inner square gets a twist and a loop to fit into the design. The strands are highlighted in black. As there are simple and individual strands, I have highlighted in a single strand.

Step 5 

Below is the final version of the kolam.


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