15-8 Dots Sikku Kolam || Karthigai Kolam || Vilakku kolam

karthigai, vilakku kolam, lamps, diya, karthigai month, kaarthigai, maha deepam, thiruvannamalai, margazhi kolam

Dot count  : 15-8

At times we concoct our own surprises !!!
Well, that very instance happed with this kolam 😅
A six petalled flower is the theme for #kaarthigaicelebration today in @kolamenthusiasts . And I capped for a hexagaonal shape and tried to bring in sikku petals, but while coalescing the stranded loops …… The upshot was totally upturned…😁😁😁 and there was an unheralded entry of birds and bees.😍