11 Dots sikku Kolam || Margazhi Kolam

New design, new year kolam



To try my new sikku kolams, I need to try on paper first, but I am indolent, thus they are being dilatory to take a floor version. Hope to resume the “My Own Sikku Kolams” tag soon 😊

After drawing few #freehand kolams on floor, my appetency for sikku kolams made to place 11 dots in a different style of placing dots.

This is one of my favourite dot #patterns.
I started my sikku kolam #journey with this #dot pattern as my mother’s note book had many kolams with this dot #arrangement. Five #sikku designs with this dot count are etched deeply into my memory that they are always on call😊

Quickly and facilely, drew this kolam without any hitches. My Amma came out to permbulate and forthwith she cheeefully voiced “Hey! it’s my kolam” .
I replied with a beaming smile “Do you still remember ?” I gave an ear to her when she shared her childhood memories about drawing kolams.😊 I stepped inside the #entrance and said I am finished with a broad smile. She was incredulous and later gave me a calming look, I knew she read between the lines. I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed by her expression and started to extend the kolam.
With basic design of the #kolam, I extended and wanted to concatenate it and had to place dots on a curvature. While placing the dots had to keep an eye on the count, yet missed and the loops had to be squeezed in and thus mussy 😷
The cons of a floor kolam, where mistakes aren’t forgiven and confessions aren’t pardoned 😊
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