Sikku Kolam – 91

muggulu, rangavallika, big,
Sikku kolam

I tried this design by clubbing four six dots chikku kolam and filling the space in between with my touch. I have used wet rice paste for drawing this kolam.
Dot count : 15-1, dots placed in straight pattern.

muggulu, rangavallika, big,
Sikku kolam


  1. […] MAAKOLAM VERSION of this kolam . This 15 dots kolam gets tagged into my own creation. I have started with 6 dots sikku kolam as the base design. And doodled around the extra dots at the sides. A simple and easy kolam to draw. The 15-1 dot pattern is given below for reference. The first strand – Start from the bottom most dot to create the design as shown. Create the square strand at the sides Join the centre part by four squares to complete the design […]


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