Sikku kolam -73

muggulu chikku kolam big kolam
Sikku kolam

This is a bigger version of 6 dots kolam which I have uploaded earlier in this link
Smaller version with 8 dots

When I was young, my neighbour used to draw this kolam very frequently. Small kolam means 6 dots, on festivals, 10 or 12 dots. I guess that’s the reason I am much drawn to this design. I can’t remember the side designs, so I first form the 4 dots sikku strand in the centre column and after that take a glance with the remaining dots to form loops and knots. Without any preparation I draw this kolam, an easy design to draw.

This kolam is a single line which runs throughout the kolam. Though the kolam looks with lots of loops its an easy to draw. I should have tried once on the paper before proceeding 😀 Lot of confusion here and there while joining the side loops. But tried my level best to disguise with the second stroke 😀 After drawing the kolam I didn’t have any idea about adding extra designs to it. As usual, I drew a border and minarets on the knot. From there I needed to proceed to give the final touch the kolam.
On the minarets drew some petal shapes and twirls coloured with blue shade. And added swirls on the side. I was satisfied with the final outcome. It looked neat and serene to my eyes.

muggulu chikku kolam big kolam
Sikku kolam



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