Rangoli In White-5

muggulu, rangavallika, dotless kolam, big kolam
For Valentine's Day

I loved this creation for its 3d effect. I tried to incorporate hearts in the design and started with a basic design. This basic design I had drawn in last June at my parents home. I have attached the image below. I tried to replicate the design but as usual half way I got drifted away from the original design.

Some designs become close to heart and one such is the below design. As I said earlier, the centre design was recreated from my previous kolam which was a small kolam drawn as an evening kolam. I drew some designs on the steps at my parents residence. A friend of mine insisted me to elaborate those designs, that was the start of some freehand kolams transforming into a huge ones.

It all started with two intersecting lines. And the lines being joined by opposite faced swirls. More or less it resembled as heart shapes. Then replicated the same heart shaped designs on the corners as a first step of extension. The hearts were duplicated on layers. Then joined the four extended heart shapes with minarets.
The outer extensions were just my imagination at the time of the execution. I never view the design till it gets completed. I just draw the design in segments and after drawing a segment, I keep extending the other segments. And finally achieve to a final design. After the final line, I get to know about the whole design how it had shaped up. May be it should sound too loud on my side, but that’s the fact. If I plan, then for sure that would be a flop show in a full swing. I don’t rely on my copying abilities as I fall far away from it 🙂 I will post the kolams in stage wise so that you could understand the way I try to build the design. This is my own design, and if anyone wants to try in another format do inform me 🙂

muggulu, rangavallika, dotless kolam, big kolam
For Valentine’s Day



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