Rangoli In white -4

muggulu, rangavallika, rangoli, dotless kolam
White :-)

I started off with a square as the base design. Then drew extensions to form a pinwheel pattern. This a common design which as a little girl I started my journey in drawing kolams. This as an individual has 5 dots placed in a straight pattern followed by 3 and 1 in the adjacent columns on the other side.

It was a pause before I proceeded with the next layer. Then with an eight tail star pattern took over the course. Created some pattern inside the triangular shapes. In fact, I never knew how would the final design shapes up at the beginning. I think the triangles in this layer formed a base theme for the kolam. Then the handy minarets lend their helping hands to build up the design. A layered pattern with triangles and minarets.

Finally an Octagon popped up and made its presence in the kolam. Again with triangles and minarets, I managed to move on for the final show. I tried my level best to maintain the symmetry as I don’t have the access on the other two sides. I didn’t add colours to this kolam and didn’t want to mess with the display. I felt white speaks its own language 🙂 The light, goodness, innocence, purity 🙂

muggulu, rangavallika, rangoli, dotless kolam
White 🙂


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