Paisley Rangoli in White

muggulu, rangoli, rangavalli, dotless kolam
Paisleys and Paisleys

A surprise pop up from my imagination. Another design which goes into my favourite kolam list. Of course, All creations are my favourite, still some top up the list and one such kind is this kolam. It started started with a five dots to form a six petal flower.

Actually I tried to add an leafy design on the outer and drew a oval shape but that got converted to a paisley. Then added some tear drop shapes in it so as to give some detailing work. After drawing again I tried to replicate the paisleys around to form the next layer and added some lines and dots. In fact after drawing this layer, I decided to build up the kolam with Only Paislyes 🙂 Tried my level best to have paisleys in each layer so that the mission is accomplished 🙂
This kolam is drawn using Nylon Powder. I love the texture of the powder as it slips so neatly through the fingers. My favourite one. Looking for another lot to buy. The white creamy texture and the shiny colour adds an extra effect to the kolam.

A viewer had asked for a step to step procedure of drawing freehand kolams. To be frank, the design is determined at the spur of the moment the fist layer decides the theme of the kolam. I am not sure how far people will believe this, but this is the real fact, which may sound like as if I am blowing my own trumpet, that’s the truth can’t help the extra decibels being blown. I draw the first and second layers and try to work on one quarter while building up the design. If anything goes wrong only that particular side its redone.. Once I am satisfied with the whole segment, then I keep drawing on others sides 🙂

muggulu, rangoli, rangavalli, dotless kolam
Paisleys and Paisleys


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