Paisley Kolam – 5

muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli
Paisleys In and Out :-)

Paisleys – a distinctive intricate pattern of curved feather-shaped figures based on an Indian pine-cone design.
Paisley or Paisley pattern is a term in English for a design using the boteh or buta, a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian origin.
These are the descriptions I found on the net.
Well, I am not sure, what made me to get obsessed with the Paisleys. They are my rescuers and are always on call, as they pull off when I am stranded 🙂

This basic of this kolam is from a small kolam which I had drawn on the steps a couple of days before to this kolam. Usually we don’t leave the steps or space to be empty without kolams, even a small design is drawn to fill the space. Its a custom to draw kolams on steps or thinnai -porch, its a rough translation..

My grandma’s house which should be 70 plus years old has the thinnai outside the house, so that strangers or travelers who pass can rest for a while/nap/sleep during the night time. A good intention of serving people who may need a resting place or to relax. Now that customary building space has been replaced by heavy guarded gates and compound walls, where no strangers are allowed. Hope the mutual trust has been lost in due course of time, even though we have grown in terms of science and technology, yet the peoples’ hearts and minds have shrunk.

Of course, the base says the kolam was done at my parents home 🙂 The small kolam which, I drew on the step got metamorphosed into a mammoth as per my friend’s idea. It’s her suggestion to work on the small kolams to create a bigger version. Normally I share my kolams with her and the small on the top of the display attracted her and gave an instant suggestion. Thank you my friend 🙂 All credit goes to her 🙂 Hope she doesn’t check her bank balance 😀

muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli
Paisleys In and Out 🙂

I would like to recreate this design on a paper. With a scale, pencil, eraser, I know I could do a better work rather than on the floor which, is an instant drawing with no sophisticated tools. Scales aren’t allowed except the measurements done with eyes and brain 😀

The basic design started with the centre swirls and surrounded by four. To enclose and create a connectivity I drew the outer paisley. Then, I thought of why not to have a theme and kept on adding Paisleys around, with varied sized Paisleys to fill the layers. And I liked the outcome 🙂



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