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kanya kolam

ஆடின காலும் பாடின வாயும் நிற்காது.
A rough translation of the above goes as
“A dancer’s feet and the voice of a vocalist can never be restricted”. So as my #passion transpires without notification 🙂 .
. “பார்க்கும் மரங்களெல்லாம் நந்தலாலா, உந்தன் பச்சை நிறம் தோன்றுதடா நந்தலாலா.
“In whichever tree I see , oh darling lord,
I see your green colour , oh Lord”
So as my passion does the role of above verse by preoccupying my thoughts. Though, I don’t time to draw #kolams on floor, found a way to enunciate my pensive mood digitally. .

While, I was trying to export a section into two different softwares for analysing purpose, a small #pattern at the nook called my attention. That was enough for persuading to proceed with my #passion taking a #time-out from #work 🙂 Indeed, creating a design was a #stressbuster from the routine meetings, discussions, target date.. After a short #meditation, I sprung back to my regular regime. .

This was second kolam in the #digitalkolam series. First is still waiting in the queue:) I always wanted to create a #padikolam on floor yet hesitant.. My friends are great experts in #padikolams, they inspire me a lot and creating a new #design in padikolam is #missionimpossible 🙂 They have a huge collection and trying any design will lead to their album 🙂 And I guess this design too is in their album 🙂 .
#vinnskolam #line #linesandlines #indiantraditional #indianheritage #rangoli #tamilnadu #sacredgeomery


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