New Year Wishes

round rangoli, ,muggulu, rangavallika
Let there be "Light"

“New Year Wishes”
With hope, we move into the new year. Wish, the New Year fulfills everyone’s dream to attain the greatest height in life.

Hope – that’s the secret which keeps us alive and awake to reach our destination.
31st December – a day to recall the deeds we did in the last 364 days, the lessons we learnt, moments which got etched in our memories, few incidents to obliterate from our lives, ups and downs of our life. The Eve of New year always becomes busy planning for the countdown party. To me, I prefer to stay at home and spend the time with my family.

For this New Year I drew a freehand Rangoli, unleashing out my imaginative part of brain to dominate my right side 🙂 To start the rangoli, I had traced a stencil kolam, as I said earlier the basic design impedes the start. And went ahead to add four minarets on sides with three petal flowers adorning the edges. Then it was no looking back as the design kept on moving by addition of elements and layers for the base rangoli..
Next the colouring part, which took more time to finish.

round rangoli, ,muggulu, rangavallika
Let there be “Light”


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