Minnie Mouse

Rangoli, Rangavalli, Muggulu
Blushing Minnie

Minnie done by my nephew Dharan, who is a born artist. He started his passion at the age of two and half by writing down the title of the movies in the same style. To our amazement he drew the muthra seen on the title of the Rajini film “BABA”. From then we nurtured his talent and now a master. He talks about the style, brushes, paints to me, it sounds Greek and Latin to me 😉 A Computer wizard who educates my Dad about computers and smart phones :-), To till date my Dad needs his help. Bill Gates of our home 🙂

This rangoli was done when he was in Class Seven. I have seen his drawings on paper using crayons, colour pencils, water colours, This is the first drawing he had done in colour powders.. The colouring was done by him, the shading, highlighting… He had difficult in drawing the outline as you can see the smudges on the outer, so I helped him in outlining the Minnie with white kolapodi.
I love this Creation. This was the return gift for a pencil case which I had bought him from Singapore.

Rangoli, Rangavalli, Muggulu
Blushing Minnie
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  1. Thanks Jay for commenting on my works. I will upload Dharan’s art work after the Margazhi season. Keep visiting my site and share your thoughts with me.


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