Mandala-Freehand Kolam || Chukkala leni Muggulu || Rangoli


A freehand kolam done at the spur of the moment. No sketches were imprinted for guidance, I just extended radial lines for reference to create a circular shape.

One of my favourite kolams which was draw on the spur of the moment. As stated above no preparations were done to draw this kolam. I have documented the drawing of this kolam and uploaded in youtube, Click this link

I started with the common six petal flower by placing 5 dots and formed the flower. Then added swirls at the end of the petals and extended the radial lines. The radial lines are the reference lines to extend the kolam and an easy way for extending the circular pattern with symmetry.

I extended the design by drawing in parts. I drew small patterns in segments and that combined to a circular pattern. I have added paisley in a layer with a simplified method as I had shown in a video. To draw a circle kolam, either drawing in layers or segment will bring out symmetry on to a whole.



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