Maha Shivarathiri Kolam, Lingam Muggulu

lingam kolam, shiva kolam

“MahaSivarathiri kolam”
My own Creation. Tried with three dots sikku kolam as the base design and created to form a Sivalingam. Draw kolam, prepare special Neivadyam and offer to Lord Siva for his blessings.

Mahasivaratri is for Lord Shiva or Night of Shiva, According to Hindu Mythology he is considered as the God of Gods and one of three major deities of Hinduism. All festivals in Hinduisim is celebrated during day, the one only festival celebrated during the night is Mahasivaratri, a night vigil with prayers. Shivarathiri falls on 14th day of every month before to new moon. Maha Shivaratri which is the biggest of all Shivarathiri, falls annually on the 14th night of new moon in Falgun month in the Hindu calender. Mahasivarthri is the darkest night in the year and it is meant to be awake on the darkest night to worship Lord to protect from evil.
On this day it is believed that Lord Shiva saved the universe from evil and his wedding to Goddess Parvathi took place.
On this day, northern hemisphere of the planet is tilted and this phenomenon is believed that the energy in human is surged high. The Maha shivarathiri is special for yogic followers as they believe that on this night the cosmic energy do have an impact on the spiritual mind. As they are awake the spine is upright parallel to the energy and it is the best position to entice the positive energy of the cosmos.
They are many legends behind this day. The day on which humbleness and truth deserves its deed. Once there was a dispute broke between Brahma, the creator of the world and Vishnu, who protects the mankind, who was the mightiest of all. And they saw Lord Shiva in the form of fire pillar. So they shared the task by searching the origin and end of the flame. Brahma agreed to look out for the origin, the head and Vishnu, Lord Shiva’s feet. Vishnu in his swan flew above the universe and Vishnu in the form of boar below the universe. After centuries of search, Brahma saw a Ketaki flower falling down and Vishnu asked its origin, it said it didn’t know its origin. But Vishnu made the flower to give a false witness that it fell from Lord Shiva’s head. Vishnu humbly accepted his defeated bowing down his head to Brahma. But Lord Shiva emerged and cursed Brahma for his lie. That’s the reason Brahma doesn’t have a temple in India.


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