Flower Kolam -17

muggulu, rangavalli, dotless kolam
Flower ::-)

A freehand kolam drawn at my Parents home. I didn’t have a clue to start, so the easiest way was to start with a 5 dot six petaled flower in the centre. Then added a border around it and kept on extending. I take some time to adapt myself to the new environment. Back at home, I need to compress the kolam within 4 to 9 sft area and in turn the strokes get squeezed to create a miniature version.
When there is freedom, the best is harvested 🙂 Just a simple thought, no complications, though 🙂 When boundaries are forcefully set, I feel suffocated and can’t give my best. If I lay down my own boundaries, then I am myself and paint my world colourful.. That is how I was brought up and still the rule remains the
same 🙂 Too much of Philosophy !!!!
Back on the track, This was the start of my boundary transition, so the symmetry didn’t join hands with me in harmony. I had some basic hassles and finally reached the finishing line 🙂

Even if I try to reproduce this kolam again, I can’t draw a copy cat kolam, as I can’t adhere to the original copy as always 😀
As I mentioned above, I started with a six petaled flower and gave a border around. Extended with petals, curves, triangles, swirls, lines…. For the final touch I thought of drawing a leaf shape but that wasn’t successful to some extent and it turned to be a layer of minarets. I hope they too look good, and this is the part where I couldn’t maintain the symmetry. Drawing big kolams on the floor needs flexibility and stamina to bend up and down simultaneously moving in a circular path. I had the starting issues which made to lag behind 🙂
I like the matching borders more to the main kolam. I drew the flowers and tried to connect them with a twirl. I drew three more lines to make it look bold….

Below are the pictures of how the kolam attained to its final shape. It wasn’t easy to take photos at different stages as I needed to overlook the onlookers weird look 😀

muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli

muggulu, rangavalli, dotless kolam
Flower ::-)


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