Freehand Kolam



A simple freestyle kolam with lots of shading work, which veils the basic design :-) Causally done kolam without any preparations :-)

Square Rangoli

I wanted some designs to turn into the best ones but fail to hit the final line. So this goes into that category :-)...

Paisley’s Kolam

This kolam again at my mom's place. With my favorite (don't know whether its my favorite but I always start with this design, don't...

Freehand Rangoli

I drew this kolam at mom's place. As usual I ended up with some other design which I had in my mind at the...

Violet Flower Kolam – Small Kolam

A causally drawn kolam without much detailing done. I wasn't satisfied about the outcome, still added some violet shades to make appealing, Hope so...

Freehand Kolam

A simple freehand kolam made on floor. The colour got smudged when I was in a hurry to finish off the kolam before the...

Square Kolam

A freehand kolam made with chalkpiece on floor.

Star Flower

A triangular shaped flower kolam outlined with kaavi. Dot count : 7-1 interlaced
4 dots kolam

Simple Design

A simple kolam done on a lazy day :-) I wasn't in a mood to put a big kolam so stuck with a small...

Layered Petal Flower

A flower kolam with extensions coloured with kaavi powder.