Freehand Kolam

Star Flower

A triangular shaped flower kolam outlined with kaavi. Dot count : 7-1 interlaced
4 dots kolam

Simple Design

A simple kolam done on a lazy day :-) I wasn't in a mood to put a big kolam so stuck with a small...

Layered Petal Flower

A flower kolam with extensions coloured with kaavi powder.

Alpona Rangoli

Alpona/Alpana, its how kolam is named in Eastern India. A normal Alpona is done with rice flour mixed with water either drawn by brush...

Flower Kolam

A causally drawn kolam with recycled colour powder. I like the pastel colours used in the kolam. Nothing much to say about this kolam...

Simple Freehand Square Kolam || Chukkaleni Muggulu || simple Rangoli

A square design done with chalkpiece

Star Maakolam

A star design kolam made with wet rice paste on the floor. After a break, I did this kolam with wet rice paste....