Sikku kolam

Sikku kolam

Sikku Kolam is also called as Kambi/Neli kolam as the lines loop around the dots forming a design.

Sikku Kolam – 145

A 14 dots sikku kolam with simple extension. It took a year long to upload this kolam :-) Somehow missed this kolam and while...
Tippudu Muggulu Rangavallika chikku kolam

Sikku Kolam -69

A small kolam with 11-1 dot count. Its an extension of 5-1 sikku kolam and added a border for a final finish.
tippudu muggulu, rangoli, rangavalli, chikku Kolam

Sikku Kolam – 147

This is a 15-1 dot straight pattern kolam. A simple and easy kolam to draw. I like this kolam for its simple sikku strand...

8 Dots Sikku Kolam Collection, Tippudu Muggulu

Collection of 8 dots sikku kolam. This post has three sikku kolams enhanced with extensions. These simple kolams get tagged into daily kolams as...

Sikku kolam -3

This is 9-1 straight dot pattern. I have done some detailing work to make it bit appealing and coloured with pink and red in...
Tippudu Muggulum rangoli, chikku kolam

Sikku Kolam – 102

I have opened the fresh stock of colour rangoli powder from my bag. The blue was scintillating and tempting me to use the shades....
Tippudu Muggulu pulli chikku kolam dot kolam

Sikku kolam – 70

I'm uploading my kolams after a hiatus. Been for couple of weeks to my mother's home :-) and relished the summer mornings by drawing...
8 Pulli sikku kolam

Sikku Kolam – 46

A small sikku kolam with dot count 8-6-4x2.
Muggulu, rangavalli, rangavallika, dot kolam, chikku

Sikku Kolam -93

A small sikku kolam with 7-1 dots. A spicy kolam Isn't it? This kolam has an intresting story behind this. I saw this kolam...
15 Pulli kolam

Sikku Kolam -28

This kolam has a single line running through the dots. This may look bit complicated, but if practiced on paper for twice or thrice,...

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