Sikku kolam

Sikku kolam

Sikku Kolam is also called as Kambi/Neli kolam as the lines loop around the dots forming a design.

15 Dots sikku kolam

Sikku Kolam – 32

Sikku kolam done with wet rice paste. For a final touch, I have added a colour border for enhancement. After drawing this kolam...
mugullu, rangavalli, rangavallika, pulli kolangal

Margazhi Kolam – Day 24

Again a Purple colour kolam. I am forced to use these shades as I don't have much choice of colours in my stock. ...
muggulu, rangavalli, rangavallika, pulli kolangal, chikku kolam

Margazhi Kolam-Day 14

A 9-1 dots sikku kolam on day 14th of this month. A common kolam and a simple one which can be drawn with...
Sikku kolam

Sikku kolam – 17

A 19 dot count sikku kolam done at my mom's home. I enjoyed drawing sikku kolams on mud floor, my favorite base. I tried...

Vilakku Sikku Kolam, Diya Rangoli, Karthigai Kolam

Vilakku or Diya kolams are drawn on auspicious days. Sikku Kolams are more significantly drawn in Tamilnadu during Karthigai Month, eight month in Tamil...
muggulu, tippud, chikku kolam,

Sikku Kolam -144

A 13 dots sikku kolam. The sikku kolams are in sequence, as I missed to upload the sikku kolams according to the number sequence...
Muggulu, Rangavallika, Pulli kolam

Sikku Kolam – 79

A small chikku kolam with 9-1 dots placed in Straight pattern.
6 Dots sikku kolam small sikku kolam

Sikku kolam -22

This is a 6x6 dot kolam with extra dots on corners. I'll try to upload a dot template later. The size of kolam can be...
tippudu muggulu, rangoli, rangavalli, chikku Kolam

Sikku Kolam – 147

This is a 15-1 dot straight pattern kolam. A simple and easy kolam to draw. I like this kolam for its simple sikku strand...
Muggulu, rangavalli, dot kolam, chikku kolangal

Sikku Kolam -96

A 9x9 Square grid sikku kolam , an extension of 4x4 grid kolam. Tried to bring out a design, hopefully it has a design...

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