Sikku kolam

Sikku kolam

Sikku Kolam is also called as Kambi/Neli kolam as the lines loop around the dots forming a design.

8 Dots Sikku Kolam Collection, Tippudu Muggulu

Collection of 8 dots sikku kolam. This post has three sikku kolams enhanced with extensions. These simple kolams get tagged into daily kolams as...
7 dots kolam, small kolams, collection, muggulu, rangoli, rangavallika

Collection of 7 Dots Kolam – Beginner, Apartment Kolams

Another set of 7 dots kolam, a continuation of my previous post. These are beginner level kolams which can be draw with ease. These...
Tippudu muggulu

Sikku kolam – 63

I did this sikku kolam today with 8x2-2 dot count. Before and After Makeup :-)

Sikku Kolam-157- 5 Dots Tippudu Muggulu

15 dots sikku kolam. Tried to give a leafy look to the kolam and tried with green colour. 1. The dot pattern is as shown...
7 dots kambi kolam, 11 dots pulli kolangal, 13 dots neli kolam,

7 Dots, 9 Dots, 11 Dots, 13 Dots Sikku Kolam

Some kolams are etched deep into my memory and always on call to rescue me when I am switched over to sombre mood :) Maybe...
Muggulu, rangavalli, small, chikku,

Sikku Kolam – 106

I have tried this kolam earlier by using a chalk piece on the floor. But that was done in a haste, though I...
sikku kolam, dot kolam, rangavalli, rangoli, pulli,

Ugadi Muggulu

మీర్ అందరికి ఉగాది శుభాకంక్షలు Ugadi always brings my childhood memories which I always love to cherish. Sharada Aunty :-) She drew muggulu only on two days,...
tippudu muggulu, rangavalli, rangoli

Sikku Kolam -130

A 17 dots sikku kolam. This may look bit complicated but an easy kolam to draw. Once you get to know the path of...
tippudu muggulu, border, rangoli, pulli kolangal, rangavallika, kolam with dots, small kolam, simple kolam

Sikku kolam – 114

A small sikku kolam done during my June vacation. Again from my mother's notebook collection. With slight modification done here and there, I ...
tippudu muggulu, rangavallika, kambi kolam, neli kolam

Sikku Kolam – 128

This kolam has 15 dots in the centre column and decreased by two on either sides till the dot 1. Start the kolam from...

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