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Sikku kolam

Sikku Kolam is also called as Kambi/Neli kolam as the lines loop around the dots forming a design.

4 Dots Small Sikku Kolam Collection, Apartment Kolams, Melika Muggulu

In this post, I have compiled two sikku kolams with 4 dot count. Apt kolams for beginner level viewers and apartment dwellers. This kolam...

Ratha Saptami, Ther Kolam, Ratha Muggulu

Second Kolam for Ratha Saptami. A simple sikku kolam designed into chariot shape for the Ratha Saptami which falls on 3rd of February this...
7 dots kambi kolam, 11 dots pulli kolangal, 13 dots neli kolam,

7 Dots, 9 Dots, 11 Dots, 13 Dots Sikku Kolam

Some kolams are etched deep into my memory and always on call to rescue me when I am switched over to sombre mood :) Maybe...

Ratha Saptami – Ratham, Chariot Kolam, Muggulu

Ratha Saptami falls on 3rd of February this year. A chariot kolam for this year. I have designed this kolam with sikku strands to...

Margazhi Kolam, 25 Dots Sikku kolam

25 dots kolam for this Margazhi season. This gets tagged into my own sikku kolam collection. Creating sikku kolams give an immense pleasure...
big kolam, pulli kolam

Karthigai Deepa Kolam, Sikku Kolam – 166

ThiruKaarthigai Deepam Wishes A 31 dots sikku kolam enhanced with colours and diyas. The 10 day long celebration concludes with the Maha Deepam lit at...

31 Dots Sikku Kolam, Sikku kolam-165

A 31 dots sikku kolam in Maha Karthigai Deepam series. This kolam gets tagged into "My Own Sikku Creation" . I love to doodle around...

Karthigai Kolam,- Sikku Kolam – 163

23 dots kolam for the 3rd day of Karthigai Deepam. A simple sikku kolam with many individual strands which make the design simple and...
sikku kolam, pulli kolam

Karthigai Deepam – Sikku Kolam – 162

A simple sikku kolam with 15 dots for the 3rd day.
tippudu muggulu, chikku kolam, pulli kolam

Sikku Kolam – 161

The second day of Karthigai Deepam festival. A 11 dots kolam enhanced with a single lamp at the centre for enhancement.