Border Kolams – Mandala Layer designs


There are four sets of border designs which can be drawn at the doorstep, just below the door frame or can be added at the sides of the kolam as an enclosure. These designs can also be incorporated into freehand design or mandalas as layer design.
The fist set of border kolams are for enclosing any freehand kolams. The first ones takes the shape of mango leaves which are usually considered auspicious to draw at the doorstep. They are called thoranam or thoran or array.
The second design is an running version of swirls which are interconnected throughout the row. The spikes dropping down with a dot will give an extra look to the border.
The third is a semi circle design or more less a half donut shapes with rug knots at the bottom.
The fourth design is based on heart shape. A simple design which can be included in any freehand kolam.
The last with triangles as the base template.


The Paisleys design. The making of these kolams are uploaded in my youtube channel, you may have a look to know the easiest way of drawing paisleys chain. Paisleys packed with different orientation.

The below designs are flower based kolams. The twirls with buds and flowers can be extended or used in any kolams.


My favourite sikku borders. The first being the bee string. the second, bright coloured heart shapes, third star and the last vilakku/diyas.

I have coloured to differentiate the designs from the sikku strand. The designs can used as side designs adoring the main kolam


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