Alpona – 2

muggulu, rangavalli, dotless
Bowling Pins :-)

I have tried a freehand kolam after a break.. I thought of doing a dot kolam, but had problem in placing dots with perfect spacing 🙂 Hope I should draw kolams frequently..
Alpona style kolam with paisleys.. Now a days I am obsessed with Paisleys.. Now a days Paisleys find a place in my kolams.

muggulu, rangavalli, dotless
Bowling Pins 🙂

As I had said earlier, the first line or dot decide the genre of the kolam..
I thought to draw a flower so started with cross lines. Then drew a four petaled flower outlining with line and swirls around the flower. The swirls got transformed to paisleys with a wavy line connecting the swirls.. Then I filled the alternate paisleys with white kolapowder. Then added circular pattern dots in the empty paisleys.. The tear drop shapes are always a part of the Alpona so for the touch I added and with some dots above to it..
I wanted to extend and again the twirls converted to paisleys with crimped back 🙂 Now outlined the paisley and added tear drops to complete the design.. The final tear drop design and the dots had a special mention in my friend’s comment, she said it looks like exclamatory marks and also bowling pins 🙂 So it started to look the same way to my eyes too 😉 ..

muggulu, small dotless kolam


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