31 Dots Big sikku Kolam || Tippudu Muggulu || Rangoli

neli kolam, kambi kolam, tippudu muggulu, chikku kolam


It took 5 years for this kolam to get staged. The floods which lashed Chennai also lammed Pondicherry in 2015 and we were encapsulated at home which instigated me to ensconce with creating kolams.This was the start of creating bunch of sikku kolams aggrandising beyond 23 dots. And this design happed to be my favourite configuration… .
Again in a stay home spell this sikku made it’s way successfully on my canvas. Now, attuned to place 31 dots within 2’x2′, I am emboldened to have a crack at prodigious dot count.. Sanguinely, all my creations gets a chance to get displayed..


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