17 dots Big Lotus Kolam || Chukkala Kamalaṁ Muggulu || Margazhi Kolam

margazhi kolam, big kolam, dot kolam, flower kolam

An unique lotus flower kolam with 17-9 dots placed with interlaced dot pattern. This kolam can be drawn during Margazhi season with bright colours or you may simply add detailing in white.
The making of this video can be viewed in the below link.
Lotus Kolam

1. First place dots as per the pattern and locate the centre dot from bottom ie 9th dot from bottom.
margazhi kolam, big kolam, flower kolam, lotus kolam
2. Draw a 6 petal flower at the centre and draw another layer of petals around the flower. I have highlighted with yellow colour dots for easy understanding.
margazhi kolam, big kolam, flower kolam
3. Mark the 3rd dot from the bottom. and again mark 4 dots highlighted in green colour to form a small lotus flower.
muggulu, margazhi kolam, big kolam
4. Draw another set of petals on the outer as shown.
Margazhi kolam, margali, big kolam
5. Again draw the same lotus flower on the outer. Mark the points as highlighted and join the dots to form the petals on all sides.

6.Finish drawing the outer layer lotus flowers.
margazhi kolam, big kolam, 17 dot, lotus flower
7. Fill the extra dots with leaves, stalks as shown. Add colours or any detailing work inside the petals for enhancement purpose.
margazhi kolam
margazhi kolam, big kolam, dot kolam, flower kolam


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