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Flower Rangoli Chukkala leni muggulu
Pure Banking Nothing Else

The Nation Banks on Us 🙂

I visited a nationalised bank in the busy morning hours at Trichy. To my surprise at the entrance, I saw a table with roses and karkandu arranged in a plate. A person with a smiling face was voluntarily encouraging everyone to take the sweets and flowers.. My little one was the one who immediately accepted the invitation 🙂 About to enter, I was drawn back by the colour powders on the floor… But couldn’t capture the beauty in my phone, as we were more focused on the purpose of the visit. It took more than an hour to finish the formalities as the token number issuing machine was out of order and needed to follow the rigid queuing system 😀

But nothing mattered to us as we had a cup coffee, a sweet (Mysurpa) served by the office assistant, thanks to his hospitality. It was Quite Interesting to watch the people who visited the bank, some ladies from Self Help group, a college girl with her father to take a DD and another girl who kept her college books on the seat next to me and requested me to do the sentry duty for her belongings :-D.

The Branch Manager and staff members and were running off their feet to welcome their General Manager and the instructions were flying in a jet speed.. I was sitting in the corner of the hall with an eye on my little one who was strolling inside the bank. A staff came out of the cabin and enquired me whether I came for Locker service. I said no and in meanwhile my husband who got bored to be seated idle, started his enquiry about opening a locker in their branch, where he passed 15 mins of his time and another 15 mins in collecting the forms 🙂

And all of a sudden the bank seemed to be calm, which made it clear that the higher official had left the premises 🙂 Oh, I haven’t revealed the reason for the celebrations in the bank, inauguration of new automated machine with cash deposit facility.

Coming to the main topic – Flower Rangoli.
While entering I saw the kolam only with colour and was pleased to see the addition of flowers on my exit. The logo of the bank was well seen in blue without flowers, hope in a hurry they couldn’t arrange the flowers properly.. But indeed a lovely arrangement of flowers especially the marikozunthu (Artemisia pallens) with rose petals looks like a bouquet.

Flower Rangoli Chukkala leni muggulu
Pure Banking Nothing Else


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