You are a living treasure and an ambassador of a very special tradition. I hope that my words will encourage you to find a way to create a book of your passion. Because kolam is a spiritual practice, it is not found so much in written form. Especially here in the west, there is little knowledge of it.

You have a rich story to tell of learning this symbolic language and spiritual devotion from your mother. Perhaps you can collaborate together in creating a book. A book will give a voice and legacy to your own experience and that of your mother’s, and also celebrating your heritage of Pondicherry as well as your bridge to Singapore.

Your writing is beautiful. You capture the essence of kolam drawing that is so divine. This is the spirit of kolam, as it should be:

“The lights are on as early at 5.30am and the day starts for me by drawing kolams at the entrance. … The soothing morning breeze, the chirping of birds, the sound of cooking – pressure cooker whistle…. I am enjoying every bit of my stay..”

Vinns brings her unique spirit and journey to the ephemeral art of kolam. Vibrant in harmony and design, each kolam offers a personal moment to the divine, where her heart and hands draw her song and prayer.

With many blessings,
~ Whitney

Whitney Krueger
Enchanted Living Arts