Swastik Kolams – Collection of Small kolams


Swastik – A sacred symbol if Hindusium, which has four arms directed towards Clockwise direction. Most of Indian patterns and symbols do have a symmetry and always positioned in Clockwise direction or in Right hand position, representing the positive energy. So Swastik is always position in Clockwise direction and must be drawn in Pooja room or for worship purpose only. Swastik is considered the symbol of Lord Brhamma, the creator where the four arms represents his four faces. Swastik are drawn during festive seasons especially during Deepavalli – the festival of lights, as Deepavalli is considered as a new beginning to start a business.
It is believed that swastik wards off evil energy and attracts positive energy.

In this post, I have uploaded two swastik kolams. One with 9 dots and another with 8 dots. I will update this post, If I get to draw more kolams with swastik as the theme of the kolam.

Kolam No.1

The centre has swastik design and eclosed with flower patern.
The dot pattern for 9×9 Grid pattern is as below.


Kolam No.2

This kolam has a dot count of 8×8 grid . The centre has swastik design at the centre.


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