Small Kolam Collection

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5 dots kolam

Check these links to find about the designs being metamorphosed to different versions
Small kolams drawn on the steps. The red base allured me to draw small kolams on it and was self-complacent after drawing these small kutti kolams 🙂 These kolams on the three steps were drawn on different days to complement the main kolam. By now you could all guessed the theme of the main kolam. Of course the paisleys are always a part in my kolam and drew it twice. I learnt these small sikku kolams when I started to draw kolams. And later drew, when there was space constraint. I totally forgot these small kolams and never documented in my note book, still etched deep into my memory 🙂

In the first image, I started to draw with 4 dots and formed the base design. In the next step, increased to 5 dots and added an extension at the bottom, and to the last, a six dots to enclose the design on all sides.. When I started the journey of drawing kolams these kolams looked huge 🙂 While drawing the last kolam had a small confusion whether it was six or seven dots 🙂 But somehow recollected the exact dot count and proceeded. So the dot pattern got increased with a dot count and accounted for 4,5,6 dots kolams.

In the next image, it has 5 dots in the base and 3 then 1. These small kolams were drawn to match the sikku kolam with 17 dots. I tried to form a loop pattern as drawn in the main kolam. I tried my level best to differentiate the design on the crown. I liked the middle kolam as it looked like a small flower in my view. And the top most like a diya, as the top loop was formed in a flame shape.

The last has a different pattern and design, though the first two kolams share the same dot pattern. I should have drawn the last in the same pattern but somehow got lost while executing. The first two kolams are my favourite as I extend them into 11, 17, 21 dot count by adding some extra loops on the sides. While drawing the last, I have forgotten the design :-D. Nothing wrong in it, Isn’t it? memory needs some space for processing 😀

muggulu, rangavalli, small kolam, simple kolam, border kolam
Paisleys and Lotuses

Paisleys or mango design, how it is commonly known. The first paisley was drawn to match the Paisleys and Paisleys kolam Again wanted to give a different touch to the paisleys on the outer as well in the inner too :-0
The second section has lotuses drawn on the steps. I had drawn a lotus kolam so to match the main theme drew these lotuses. Each one distinct in its shape and style. The last again for a Paisley Kolam I didn’t make any changes, it was just a copy and paste 🙂 process
I liked the small paisleys for its crisp and neat outcome 🙂

Below is set of small kolams drawn on 3 different days to match the main kolams.

border kolams, rangoli, rangavalli


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