Small kolam-2

Muggulu interlaced 7-4 dot

A small and simple kolam with 7-4 interlaced dots kolam. This is from my kolam note book. I didn’t mention the source of this kolam, I guess this is from a kolam book. I am sure not from my amma’s notebook, as her kolams start from 11 dots. My mother used to draw big kolams and I like her bold and steady strokes. I admire her placement of dots. She places the dots with absolute perfectness in the spacing. But now she couldn’t draw bigger kolams because of her health condition. Still, she manages to draw small kolam even now.. She copied down some small kolams from my collection 😉 during her last visit to my home here in Singapore.

I liked the simplicity in the design.
Place 7 dots in the centre column and decrease the dot count to 4 dots by placing the dots in the next column in between the dots of the adjacent column. Refer to the step by step procedure for a better understanding of the interlaced dot pattern.

Now pinpoint the centre dot, ie., 4th dot from the bottom. Now with 3 dots on the centre coloumn and 2 on the either side draw three cross lines. Draw petal shapes on the alternate cross lines to form a 3 petal shaped flower.
and a semicircle at the top of the petal shapes and a twirl. Now on the next layer draw lines to form an octagonal shape in between the dots. To finish the kolam, draw petal shapes twirls.

This kolam can be coloured with colours of your choice. I felt the white colour looked serene and neat..If time permits, hopefully I try with colours 🙂

Muggulu interlaced 7-4 dot


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