Simple 5 Dots Sikku kolam || Tippudu Muggulu || Rangoli


This 5 dots kolam happens to be my one of my favourite kolams. A small and easy kolam ideal for apartment and space constraint areas. I draw this kolam at doorstep as an evening kolam.
Dot count : 3-5×3-3 placed in straight dot pattern.
1. Place the dots as shown.
small kolam, 5 dots kolam, muggulu
2.Start the loop from the corner dots and form the strand as shown.
mguulu, 5 dots kolam, small kolam
3. Join the outer centre dots and form a square.
5 dots kolam, sikku kolam
4. Draw a strand connecting the outer dots tangling around the square.

You may add border and extra elements or colours to enhance the kolam.


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