Sikku Kolam – 62

Tippudu Muggulu Chikku kolam Pulli kolangal
Tangy Orange

This kolam goes into my “One of my Favourite kolams” list 😀 I have used wet rice flour for drawing and added colours for enhancement.

I need to elaborate the colours used in this kolam. Before to that, this kolam is always a saver when I go blank at the time of drawing kolam on the entrance. This kolam is well etched in memory as I have seen this kolam drawn by my mother frequently in childhood days. The centre design can be drawn as an individual kolam with a dot count of 4×4.
All the colours used are self made which are safe to use and adhere to the code 😀
The outer bright orange colour used is food colour mixed with wet rice paste. Then dry powders again from the kitchen 🙂 The colours were mixed with rice flour. Turmeric for yellow, the pale brown from Nescafe Gold and Nescafe Arabica for the deep shade of brown 😀 Hope this kolams isn’t caffeine overdosed 😀

The rice paste used in this kolam is the ready made rice flour, the texture is as fine as corn flour. The locals use this rice flour for local delicacy. I had the problem with the consistency as the flour was too fine couldn’t control the flow of the strokes. I needed to go for a trial and error method to achieve the required consistency. But I needed to add water constantly for the perfect ratio 🙂

Dot count :
Place 8 dots in two coloums and decrease the dot count by two leaving two dots at the edges to 2 dots.

Tippudu Muggulu Chikku kolam Pulli kolangal
Tangy Orange


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