Sikku Kolam – 57

9 Pulli sikku kolam

I did this sikku kolam with honey bees long back, should be 4 years ago 🙂 . A friend of mine said that she had this kolam as my profile picture in her memory before knowing each other :-0
A rerun and close to my heart kolam 🙂
This is kolam is an extension of 5-1 dot sikku kolam clubbed together into one. This kolam was rehearsed before drawing on floor, a rare case in my history 😀 After drawing on paper was doodling around the kolam to beautify, but to my surprise it was a honey bucket 😀 Then bees were emerging and gave a final sketch before going on to the final version.
Again the colours used are home made. The yellow from turmeric and brown Nescafe Coffee, I guess its Classic blend, mixed with rice flour. The black colour used was from my little one’s water colour box 🙂
I have used the colours sparingly, the reason well known secret…

A 9 dots sikku kolam with honey bees on merry-go-round 🙂

9 Pulli sikku kolam



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